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Industry Leader in Spices

Over years "Biraj Spice" has been a name that is synonymous with the assurance of delicate flavour and unbeatable quality.
It is a name that has revolutionised the way of cooking in countless Indian households. Our supreme spices ensure that women or home
chefs no longer need to tire themselves with the time taking process of grinding spices. We already have the most amazing blends for you.
Every ingredient in a single pack has a role to play in the overall ethos of either flavour, or aroma; even both in some cases. Our blends guarantee
that every single dish that you prepare has only the best core ingredients on land. As a revered consumer, you never have to worry
about the goodness as you will never find a trace of synthetic colours or flavours in any of our products.
Biraj Spices has nothing for you but only the best quality for you. Join us on this journey of flavour and fragrance. Enjoy great dishes
and food with Biraj Spices.

We Deliver Healthy & Tasty Spices



The world will continue to proceed ahead with advancement in technology,
but it will never be able to outgrow tradition. What sets us apart from the rest is our expertise
in establishing a harmonious balance between cutting-edge technology and traditional pounding methods,
delivering you spices which are in their most pristine form, devoid of anything that could harm the goodness of it all.
Your food will never taste as good, and spices were never this pure! It is important to understand that it is only the quality
of spices that make all the difference in the overall flavour of food. In order to make the whole package better,
unwavering emphasis is integral on the quality of raw material that go into blending it all comprehensively.
Our spices are picked from specific Indian fields, which comprise of seasoned experts involved in the purchase department.
This process leaves no room for any sort of a compromise, giving you the perfect value for your money.

Our Founder

Biraj Spices was founded by Mr. Chandeshwar Thakur in the year of 1984 as a very small industry in Madhubani.
Earlier the industry was catering to the district of Madhubani region. Since its inception the company has traversed a long
journey from being a family owned business to a professionally managed group of company.
The company has a substantial presence in more than 30 district of Bihar.
The company is transformed into a large group under the valuable guidance of Mr. Chandeshwar Thakur and leadership
of Mr.Binay Kumar Thakur,
It is the result of profound vision and hard work of the directors that the group now owns popular brands of quality
spice products "Biraj Spices"

The group company is
Bounceway India Private Limited.